In the best traditions of the Royal New Zealand Navy, since 1941 badges for ships and shore establishments, and official badges, have come from within Navy.

It’s not unusual, for example, for a ship’s badge to be designed by the ship’s company or Commanding Officer.

However, there have been two previous occasions where badges have been designed by members of the public.

The first of these was a competition for secondary schools in the provinces which had a Rothesay or Leander-class frigate named after it.

*When these ships decommissioned, their badges were adopted by their new namesakes in the current RNZN fleet.

The second time was when RNZN took delivery of the two Anzac-class frigates HMNZS TE KAHA and TE MANA.

A competition to design their badges was offered to students at the 25 polytechnics throughout the country.


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